What you’ll need:

·A coin
·Clear glue
·A gay, cheesy fanfic extract
·A pendant ring (from crafts sotres)


1. Take a paragraph from your favorite fanfic or book and print it or photocopy it. Make sure your printer is not in “Draft” mode. 

2. Clean the coin completely and place it just where you want it to be, over what you want to have in the pendant.

3. Cut roughly around that specific spot. Cover the coin with glue and paste it behind the text, using the light against it to guide you.
*If your paper isn’t thick enough, you may want to paste a blank piece of paper underneath your text as a base.

4. Cut out the surplus.

5. Put just a little bit glue over the text, spread it outwars and let it dry.

6. Add a thick, thick layer of glue. This will act as the acrylic that will protect your pendant once it’s completely dry. I suggest you to let it dry overnight.
If you want to, you can add a second layer once the first one is dry. This will make it look more… real.

Finally, paste the pendant ring on the back of the coin.


·Try avoiding smut. You don’t want to walk around with the word “pounding” hanging from your neck, do you?
·If anyone asks about it, try not to panic and hide it underneath your shirt.
·Be prepared for  fangirling outbrusts. Just thinking that you have your OTP in your necklace may give you feels.

No, I did NOT cut the HP book. Guys, look at what the text says, “Harry loved Draco”. As far as I know, that line is not in the book.

(Source: fixsam)